As important as fire detection & protection systems are to building safety, it’s equally important to make sure they
stay in proper operating condition and operate at the time of need.

Our Maintenance, Service & Inspection Division provides high-level expertise for inspection, testing and maintenance
of customers’ life safety systems in accordance with latest industry standards including NFPA and ISO9001:2008.
Our professional staff provides a broad range of services for commercial, retail, office,
educational, light industrial and multi-unit facilities. 

These services include:
     • Inspections and testing of existing fire protection systems.
     • Maintenance of existing sprinkler, suppression or alarm systems.
     • Modification of fire protection systems to make them code-compliant.
     • 24/7 emergency service and repair.
     • On-site training for use/proper operation of systems.
Our expertise covers all types of fire protection systems, from sprinklers to fire suppression to alarm/detection.
Our maintenance services include the following Systems:

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A- Fire Fighting & Suppression Systems Covering:
      1. Wet and Dry Sprinkler Systems, Pre-action and Deluge Systems.
     2. Standpipes & Hydrants, Fire Hose Reel & Hose Rack Systems.
     3. Fire pumps.
     4. Fire Suppression Systems including FM200; Novec1230; CO2 Systems;Commercial Wet             Chemical Kitchen Hood systems & All Clean Agents.
     5. Water Mist Suppression Systems.
     6. Leak Detection Systems.
     7. Fire Extinguishers.

B- Fire Alarm & Detection Systems Covering:
      1. Conventional Fire Alarm Systems.
     2. Addressable Fire Alarm Systems.
     3. Linear heat detection & Optical Flame Detection Systems.
     4. Air Sampling Systems.
     5. PA & Voice Evacuation Systems.
     6. Emergency lighting & Exit Lighting Systems

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